the roots of love

Circis siliquastrum - the tree bearing strangely double meaning.

The first is "love tree" as it goes in the definition as:

"small tree of the eastern Mediterranean having abundant purplish-red flowers growing on old wood directly from stems and appearing before the leaves: widely cultivated in mild regions; wood valuable for veneers."

The second with the above meaning as "Judas tree", as Judas believed to be hanged himself on this after Christ betrayal.

Allegorically, 1 tree has 2 mutually exclusive meanings, as love suggests "good" and " trust", and "betrayal" does as "evil" and "distrust", while the tree is always "tree" staying virtually whole and solid before your eyes.

But why and when it changes its meaning from one to another. Having knowing this would necessarily arm you with knowing what the reason may cause it. Soon you are likely to discover the fact it must be connected with 2 additional items: seasons and soil. The seasons are external to this, it may effect climate or oxygen content. But
all of it is to effect next link in the chain - the soil that connected with the tree with roots…

What about the roots of love. What we remember while thinking about the origin of love that we feel inside. Very probably, those are altruism, mercy, kindness, feeling of soul mate in your heart and sharing your ideals - these are the roots feeding your "tree of love".

What about the roots of betrayal. These must be selfishness, greed and false pride.

Both kinds of one tree have the same roots that are 'neutral' and merely depend of the the soil content which may deliver different stuff in order to feed its stem and leaves - as before it had been soaked with different stuff from the soil.

Rootless tree, 'no roots' to prevent the duplicity in allegoric 2 associations of a single tree - it'd be an ideal solution.
Unfortunately (or fortunately) still irresolvable.

Fathless "No Roots"

My love is generations old,
I was there when trees died as the world went cold
Still there when my people were bought and sold
What's going on? What's going on?

Your love is on a grand scale
Mine is in the detail
Your love is to rule the world
We just want to have to hold

Two hearts, both forgiving
Two ways to see the same thing
One house there's room for all
We just want to have to hold (2x)

No roots, no tree, no family, no me

Our first fuck was more planning than luck
I had a deep understanding of what makes you (hot)
I did my homework till my dome hurt, I was a stone flirt
Hustling for some prone work, and I don't stop
I knew that you were good for me,
You 'n I fit together so beautifully
But only for three years were we in harmony

I've ended up part you, part me,
Love that we agree, not be ugly
And now that we're free to create our own destiny
You will always be a friend to me
My love persists over land and sea, through centuries
I'll fill you up like rice and peas,

Like the breeze, Cool ya skin, fill your hair,
Even when I'm not there.
Like the breeze, Cool ya skin, fill your hair,
Even when I'm not there.
Like the breeze, Cool ya skin, fill your hair,
Even when I'm not there.
Like the breeze, Cool ya skin, fill your hair,
Even when I'm not there.

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