The Dream's Puzzle

It was a very strange dream I have seen last night that I am not yet having an insight about.

I saw my deceased Father. Usually, his appearances had been coming not too often nor rare to me before. Just always all of a sudden. I had noticed the fact those appearances usually had been connected with any of upcoming events in my life. I cannot say all those events are necessarily have come true, but rather did than not… What true is, that after my waking up I have always visionary-like sensation. Then, in this state of mind, I began to recall details and symbols of my dreams.

My Father was а good man. The more I remember him, the more I miss him, after years.

His look or behavior, or way of speech in the dreams had varied from time to time. I’ve seen him irritated a couple of times, but joyous and cheerful far more. Most of all I remember him to be calm and good looking, although speechless.

Now I saw him unlike the way I used to. We both are in the park. Sundown. He was sitting at the grass and looking aside thoughtfully. His face calm. There is a shadow of merry smile upon his face – but I spotted it looks like forced, as if he wants to hide both the pain and his embarrassment on my seeing him in his state. It was an unusual sensation I felt while seeing him. I was surprised and worried both.

Now I spotted the reason he was likely feeling. I saw he could not move because of pain in his knees and feet. Now I felt an incredible pity to him. I said:« That’s alright, Dad. I’ll help you! ». I hugged him, lifted him and sat him on my back, then we started going.

Psychoanalytically, dreams of Father, can be attributed to the wise and helpful personality that you are missing or missed, in order to give you a true guidance that you need subconsciously to be done, but can’t actually realize it during your tough or important life cycles. However, sometimes it cannot be interpreted exactly as an «attachment» as it carries other spiritual or metaphysical meaning.

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